Guiding Principles

My mediation practice is dedicated to helping parties find peaceful solutions to litigated disputes. Five principles form the cornerstones of my practice.

1. Honesty. It is essential that the parties and counsel repose trust and confidence in a mediator. By truthful and candid communication, I seek to establish relationships which permit me to assist the participants in pursuit of their common objectives – peace of mind and an equitable resolution.

2. Fairness. I endeavor to participate in every mediation impartially. I am determined to create a forum in which each participant feels that they are engaged in an open and authentic process in which they are being heard and can achieve a fair and creative solution to their dispute.

3. Commitment. I will dedicate every resource at my disposal to achieving an enduring resolution to each controversy. The quest for a peaceful solution is not merely my job, it is my passion.

4. Creativity. By challenging the parties to consider their true interests and alternative solutions, no stone will be left unturned in an effort to find a fair and lasting resolution.

5. Excellence. Superior results are not an accident; they are the product of hard work, training and insistence that litigants take responsibility for their own disputes. Parties select me as a mediator for many reasons; I hope that one is my dedication to delivering both excellent results and a superior process.

“The art of shipbuilding is not in the wood.” – Aristotle